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2 lbs. spareribs
2 tablespoons soya sauce
7 tablespoons salt
3 tablespoons Chinese peppercorn
1 teaspoon gourmet powder
3 tablespoons cooking wine
a dash of pepper
1/4 cup scallion (cut in sections)
4 tablespoons ginger root (slices)
a small piece Chinese cinnamon
a clove of aniseed
5 cups peanut oil (actual consumption about 7%)

1) Cut spareribs with two ribs to a piece and then cut across ribs into smaller pieces. Marinate for two hours in mixture of soya sauce, salt (1 tablespoon), cooking wine, pepper, scallion, ginger root, peppercorn (about 20 grains), cinnamon and aniseed.

2) Bake and stir salt (6 tablespoons) and the rest of peppercorn on dry pan over slow fire. When an aroma is smelt, put them on workboard and crush fine, while hot, into powder with a rolling pin. Mix in gourmet powder (if it is the granulated variety, also rolled fine). And this becomes "spiced salt".

3) Arrange spareribs with marinating sauce in deep plate and steam covered in a steamer over high flame for 1.1/2 hours till meat is easily detachable from ribs.

4) Heat oil in frying pan, put in spareribs one by one, and deep-fry till golden brown. Transfer into serving plate and sprinkle on spiced salt. (Or spiced salt may be served separately in dishes to dip spareribs in just before eating.)


(1) The cuts of the spareribs may vary according to eating habits. While being marinated, the ribs should be shifted around a couple of times so that they may be evenly seasoned and colored.

(2) Before frying, steamed ribs should preferably be coated with dry starch or cornflour so that they may become crisp.

(3) Frying should be done in very hot oil for a short time, i.e., only till the right color is acquired.

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