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Peppery Hot Cabbage Rolls

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2 lbs. cabbage
5 chillies
7 oz. sugar
1 teaspoon vinegar concentrate
2 tablespoons sesame oil
1/3 teaspoon gourmet powder
a pinch of salt
a little each of scallion and ginger root, both cut in fine slivers

1) Peel and discard tough outside leaves of cabbage. Wash. Peel off tender leaves one by one and pare off the hard veins with a small knife. Parboil in boiling water and cool.

Wash chillies, removing stalks and seeds. Cut into fine slivers.

2) Fry chillies in sesame oil till dark purple. Add scallion and ginger slivers. Stir-fry. Pour in about a cup of boiling water, followed with sugar, salt and gourmet powder. Keep stock boiling for one more minute and add vinegar concentrate. Pour out and cool. (This is the steeping sauce.)

3) Spread cabbage leaves, now cooled, on working board. Wipe off moisture with dry cloth. Roll leaves into rolls about as thick as the index finger. Arrange in a container. Pour on steeping sauce. Weigh down with a plate on top so that cabbage rolls remain submerged in sauce. Leave them soaked for 4 hours before serving.


The cabbage rolls may be stuffed with carrot and turnip mixed with a little green pepper (all finely slivered and parboiled). This will add to the color and nutritive value.

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