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Spinach with Sesame

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1 lb. spinach
2 teaspoons sesame seeds
1 teaspoon salt
1/3 teaspoon gourmet powder
1.1/3 tablespoons sesame oil

1) Cut off stalks of spinach. Pick and throw away tough leaves. Wash clean.

Roast sesame seeds in a pan over gentle fire till done.

2) Parboil spinach in water. Remove and cool.

3) Cut cooled spinach into pieces 2 inches long. Mix well with salt, gourmet powder, sesame oil and seeds.


(1) When roasting sesame seeds, be sure to use gentle fire and to stir the seeds frequently so that they are roasted to a turn. Otherwise, they become burnt and spoil both taste and presentation.

(2) To keep sesame seeds crisp, the spinach should be mixed first with the other condiments, with the sesame seeds sprinkled on top, to be mixed again only just before eating.

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