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Fluffy Rice

10 pcs. bean-milk skins
1 teaspoon salt
2/3 teaspoon gourmet powder
5 tablespoons sesame oil
3 tablespoons cooking wine

1) Mix salt, gourmet powder and cooking wine with an appropriate amount of water into a seasoning sauce in a small pot.

Soak bean-milk skins thoroughly in this sauce. Remove and spread out on workboard. Trim them (which are supplied in China commercially in semicircular forms) by cutting into rectangles. Sprinkle on sesame oil evenly. Then arrange them one overlapping another and roll them into a cylinder. Press it into a flat roll of about 1.1/2 inches wide.

2) Arrange the roll on an enamel plate which has been brushed with oil. Weigh down on top with another enamel plate a size smaller. Steam over boiling water on high flame for 20 minutes. Remove and cool, brush on sesame oil to prevent drying. Leave soaked in original gravy in plate. Before serving, cut into pieces, holding the knife at an angle.


(1) When making the roll, roll up also the cutoff edges from the skins. The roll should not be made overtight, nor the weight on top too heavy, lest deformation should result. Remove the weight (or upper plate) only when the steamed roll has become cool.

(2) This dish may also be made of compressed bean-curd skins.

(3) It may also be served warm.

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