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Rice-stuffed Lotus-root

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Fluffy Rice

1 lb. fresh lotus root
7 oz. glutinous rice
9 oz. sugar

1) Wash lotus root. Cut off a piece at one end, to be used as lid.

Wash glutinous rice and drain. Fill lotus-root holes firmly with rice little by little. Cover "lid" at the end where it has been cut off. Fasten it by means of a bamboo toothpick piercing through.

2) Immerse stuffed root in water. Bring to a boil on high heat and then boil on gentle fire for about two hours. Remove from pot and cool.

Before serving, pare the outer skin of lotus root, cut into l/8-inch slices, arrange in serving dish and sprinkle on sugar.


(1) The filled lotus root, instead of boiling, may be cooked by steaming. But in this case, the glutinous rice, before being filled in the root, must be soaked for 3 hours so that it is no longer hard at the core.

(2) For a white and clean appearance, the lotus root can only be pared after having been cooked. If peeled raw, the outside surface will turn black, making it unpresentable.

(3) With the sugar sprinkled on at the end, a little mash of osmanthus flowers, if available, may be added to enhance the taste. Or the sugar may be melted in a little water and heated in a pan to make a thick syrup to be poured on the cut slices.

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