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5 oz. wheat flour
3.1/2 oz. cornstarch or cornflour
3 eggs
1 tablespoon sesame seeds, roasted
1 cup sugar
1.1/2 tablespoons bee-honey
2.1/2 cups peanut oil (consumption about 10%)
3 cups water
2 cups boiling water

1) Crush cornstarch fine with a rolling pin and sift. Use a quarter of it to be mixed with wheat flour.

Break and beat eggs. Dilute with a cup of water. Make a batter by mixing egg solution with above flour. (The egg water should be gently poured into flour, little by little while mixing, to prevent the formation of lumps.)

Smear a little peanut oil evenly on a flat-bottomed plate.

2) Bring 2 cups of water to a boil in a pot. Pour slowly the well-mixed batter into the pot, stirring all the time and scraping the bottom of the pot with a ladle from time to time to prevent sticking. When the batter thickens, keep on boiling and stirring hard until the batter is well-cooked.

Pour this into oil-smeared plate and while it is still hot, spread it out into a pan-cake, 1/2 inch thick. Cut it, when cool, into chips of 1.1/2 inches long and 3/8 inch thick.

Roll the chips in the rest of cornstarch so that they are covered with starch.

3) Mix boiling water with sugar and bee-honey in another small pot and boil it into a thick honey syrup.

4) Heat peanut oil in a frying pan. When it smokes, deep-fry batter chips till brown. Remove and put in serving plate. Pour honey syrup on, stirring chips around lightly. Meanwhile, sprinkle on roast sesame seeds.


(1) Instead of sesame seeds, sugar may be sprinkled on towards the end, then the dish is called "Sugared Batter Chips"; if "mash of osmanthus flowers" is mixed with the sugar, it is called "Osmanthus Batter Chips".

(2) If any flavoring essence is used in the mixing of the batter (in which case, sugar, not honey syrup nor sesame seeds, is to be sprinkled on at the end), the dish is called "Banana Batter Chips", "Almond Batter Chips", etc., depending on the essence used.

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