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Steamed Dumplings with Liquid Filling

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1 lb. wheat flour with a dash of soda powder
1/2 lb. minced pork
4.1/2 oz. pork skin
1/2 hen 1.1/2 tablespoons soya sauce
1.1/2 tablespoons cooking wine
2/3 teaspoon salt
1 teaspoon gourmet powder
a pinch of pepper
1.1/2 oz. scallion
1.1/2 oz. ginger root
3 tablespoons vinegar

1) Add a cup of water to flour with a little soda powder and knead well till the dough is firm and smooth. Cover with a wet cloth and let aside for an hour.

Add to minced pork: soya sauce, cooking wine, salt, gourmet powder and pepper. Mix well.

Scrape and wash pork skin.

Cut half of scallion in sections and shred the other half fine. Cut 1/3 of the ginger into slices and the remaining 2/3 into fine shreds.

2) Put in an aluminum pot: hen, pork skin, scallion sections, ginger slices, and water to submerge. Bring to a boil, skim the stock and lower the fire to keep stock simmering till hen and pork skin are well done and soft. Use a strainer to remove scallion and ginger. Take out chicken and remove the bones. Cut it and the pork skin into pea-sized cubelets. Return them to pot. Reset pot on fire to thicken the stock. Pour into a container to cool and transfer to the refrigerator to be jellied.

3) Divide dough into some 30 equal parts and, on a floured board roll each with a rolling pin into a round 4 inches in diameter. These become the wrappers.

Mix well seasoned minced pork with an equal volume of jelly. This becomes the filling.

Holding a wrapper in left hand, place a tablespoon of mixed filling in the center of the round. With the right hand, pinch-gather the edge of the wrapper in tight pleats so that the round edge is finally gathered up and closed at the top, sealing the dumpling.

Place a piece of wet muslin on the porous rack of a steamer. Arrange the dumplings on this. Steam to cover on high flames for 5-6 minutes.

They are usually served on the steaming rack with a dish for each guest containing vinegar with shredded ginger. Dip into this vinegar before eating.


(1) There are various ways to prepare the filling. For example, used minced streaky pork and boil it together with hen and pork skin. When they are well done, bone chicken and cut it and pork skin into cubelets and return to stock for thickening by resumed boiling. Cool, add various seasonings, and refrigerate into jelly as the stuffing.

Or duck webs, chicken claws (skinned) and/or duck may be added. After they are well boiled, cut in cubelets and return to stock for a second boiling.

Crab meat, chopped fine, may be added for the second boiling. This will greatly enhanced the taste.

(2) Dumplings of this type containing "soup" inside, so to speak, must be eaten immediately they are made. Left aside for any length of time, they will lose their unique feature and flavor.

The steaming must be done to a turn. Oversteaming will cause the "soup" to escape, while understeaming will leave the filling insufficiently cooked or not as flavorsome.

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